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Summer wrecking trip CANCELLED and REBOOKED

2 July 2018

The July 6th trip has been cancelled and replaced with a new date on July the 20th. Let me know if you can make it.

CANCELLED: First pollack trip of the year

14 January 2018

The trip with Clem on the 19th has been cancelled, as Clem has had to rejig his calendar when an accident meant his holiday got cancelled. This does NOT count as a bad start for the year, as the weather is looking dreadful all week, so having it cancelled early is actually a good thing. 2018 is going to be brilliant.

Eeling on the 15th cancelled

13 December 2017

Yup. Our bad run continues as our last chance to catch an eel this year is called off, due to slight gale force winds and high seas.

2018 trips online

22 November 2017

Most of our 2018 dates are now available to check. We're still waiting for a few more to come in from Jon Himpfen and Ivan, but the majority are now online. Check them out, and see what you fancy. We'll be in touch when bookings open...

Ocean Warrior off the cards for now

22 November 2017

Dave's taking a break from fishing for a few months, or possibly a little longer. It's a great shame, but as and when he comes back, we'll be ready to fish with him again. That means that we'll be spreading our fishing between Neil French on Spirit or Arun out of Littlehampton, Jon Himpfen on Misty Blue out of Eastbourne and Clem Carter on Wild Frontier in Weymouth. They're all great skippers and I know we're going to catch plenty of fish. If we ever get out again.

New end of year dates

14 November 2017

Ocean Warrior has moved

18 May 2017

Dave is no longer fishing from Newhaven, he's fishing out of Brighton Marina from now on, including the trip booked for this Monday.

Parking is free in the marina multi-storey car park. Use postcode BN2 5UT for Sat-Nav directions to the car park and follow the signs as you enter the marina. Dave says you need to go in the top end and then go down 1 level to level 7. Go to the far end and park there, and you're very close to the walkway down to the quayside and his boat.

All newsletters available on the site

14 May 2017

Every single newsletter ever written for this glorious club is now available to read in PDF form from the downloadable newsletter page. Go on, fill your boots, though with what, I won't specify.


8 May 2017

Check out the dates you're down to fish this year. Gosh. Now that is actually useful.

Annual Dinner on Saturday 28th January

12 January 2017

It's in the Dorset Arms in Lewes. Contact Adam on for more information and to book your place

Get newsletter 51

12 January 2017

The January 2017 newsletter is out, with trip dates and dinner information and much more. Get it here.

Weymouth wrasse trip rearranged - spaces

25 November 2015

This incredibly popular trip will now take place on Monday the 14th of December. There is space for one or possibly two members to come and join us. Sign up!

Feb 10th - trip cancelled

9 February 2014

The trip on February 10th has been cancelled due to the wind. If a replacement date is available, Adam and Ben will ring and email to let you know.

Return your trophies

12 January 2014

It's the annual dinner on Saturday the 25th of January, so send Adam your menu selections from the email you'll have had, and RETURN THE TROPHY YOU WON LAST YEAR. We need it back so we can get it engraved with this year's lucky winner.

2014 trips details online

12 January 2014

Check out the dates page for details of the trips and the ones you're down to be going on.

Three new trips

19 October 2013

Go to the diary to find details of three new trips you can book up. Do it NOW!

New wrasse trip posted

5 April 2013

The Weymouth wrasse trip is all fixed up for November the 18th. Details here. Contact Adam or Ben to book a place ASAP.

Some dates still available

6 March 2013

There is one place left for the Newhaven wrecking trip on August 16th and one more for the Weymouth inshore ground fishing trip on September 23rd. There are also a few places left on the Weymouth summer trip on the 26th and 27th of July.

Dinner on the 16th March

12 March 2013

At last we have managed to fool a venue into accepting our false promises of good behaviour and prompt payment of bills. The Annual Dinner will be held at the Dorset Arms at 7pm ish on the evening of Saturday March the 16th. Return your trophies ASAP and get those DJs dry cleaned.

Fishing dates now online!

25 February 2013

Have a look at the club calendar, and then call Adam to book some trips...

Dinner date still not decided

15 January 2013

The annual dinner, which is generally held in late January will have to be pushed back due to problems finding a venue willing to host a bunch of tossers like us. The date will be posted here as soon as it has been confirmed.

Four new 2012 dates added

9 March 2012

The replacement dates have come in from Dave, and we now have

  • March 26th
  • May 3rd
  • June 29th
  • August 17th

On top of the other dates in the calendar. Let us know if you fancy them.

2012 dates online

7 March 2012

This year's dates are now available here, so go and check them out, and call Adam on 01273478886 to book up the trips you fancy.

The Weymouth Summer trip details are also up there, so book up early, as we only have ten places up for grabs.

Oct 7th - wrecking cancelled

5 October 2011

The weather is do bad, we've called it off on Wednesday. Bad luck chaps, better luck next time.

T-shirts for sale

23 September 2011

We've got club polo shirts and some of our world-renowned T-shirts from past years available to buy. Polo shirts are £12 + £2 postage and T-shirts are £10 + £2 postage. I have the following:

Available sizes
Club polo shirt with fish motif in navy blue
1 x XXXL, 1 x XXL, 3 x XL
2011, phone hacking scandal, white
2 x XXL, 2 x XL, 1 x L
2010, summer of cuts, grey
6 x XXL, 4 x XL
2009, All expenses paid tour, deep purple
1 x XL, 1 x L
2008, Going green, green
4 x L, 1 x S
2007, Banned in all public places, black
1 x XXXL
2006, World Cup XL, red
1 x M

Bonus wrecking - October 7th

23 September 2011

Dave has offered us a new date for wrecking. It's on Friday October the 7th. It's a great eeling tide, small but perfectly formed, and ebbing all day. Sign up with Adam ASAP.

FRIDAY: New wrecking trip

18 May 2011

Dave has offered us a replacement trip this Friday the 20th of May. There are plenty of cod and pollack on the wrecks and we should get a bit of time at anchor too, so bring eeling gear. It'll be mainly drifting though.

Week of 21st

18 March 2011

There could be a trip to a wreck groaning with cod and bass (the one we had all those bass and pollack off last year) this week coming. Let me know if you can do it and I'll let you know if we get a window in the weather...

Another bonus trip...

16 February 2011

Dave has offered us this Friday the 18th of February as another bonus chance to catch cod and pollack on the drift. Let me know by phone or email asap.

Cod on the Sub now!

1 February 2011

Dave says there are cod ("big and a lot" are his precise words) on the Sub at the moment. The weather is looking crap for Monday's trip, but he'll let us have a date as soon as it calms down. Make sure you're free.

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