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Should Ben continue with his politically neutral stance in newsletters, or let his hideous personal prejudices show?

In either case, obviously, he will retain the current extreme level... More ›
In either case, obviously, he will retain the current extreme level of intelligence and hilarity. Less ›
1. Get political! We already have so many reasons to hate him, one more isn't going to make much difference.
62% (5 votes)
2. Stay neutral, for goodness sake! The newsletter is the one place in this crazy world where I get reasoned opinion and life-affirming stories. Never change.
38% (3 votes)
3. Get political, but only if you do so in an entirely balanced way, and for every dig at any member of the cabinet, you do a reciprocal dig at the opposition, SNP, Lib Dems, UKIP, whatever Nigel Farage's latest political vehicle is called (and no, there's no judgement there, just an acknowledgement of my own laziness in not Googling the name) and, for completeness, Plaid Cymru (not to be confused with the Scottish Carp Fishing Society, Plaid Cypry).
0% (0 votes)
4. Stay entirely neutral, in fact, stop breathing altogether so as to ensure total impartiality.
0% (0 votes)