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Weymouth summer trip from 30 Jul, 2021 07:05 AM to 31 Jul, 2021 06:05 PM Weymouth,
The return of the summer trip! Two days fishing and three nights sipping ales very slowly and reminiscing about how we use to get pissed. Still the best fun you can have with your fishing gear on. Bass, bream, rays, turbot, tope, conger, huss and much, much more!
Rays, bream and huss 16 Aug, 2021 from 07:10 AM to 04:10 PM Littlehampton,
A nice rough ground trip after mixed species from Littlehampton. The fishing grounds are only a short steam from port, so we'll be bagging up in no time!
Wreck conger and bream 27 Aug, 2021 from 07:10 AM to 04:10 PM Brighton,
One of our two dedicated eeling trips of the year, with big bream also a distinct possibility for those who fish small baits.
Bass and pollack! 06 Sep, 2021 from 07:15 AM to 04:15 PM Littlehampton,
Yes, that's bass and pollack on lures, from banks, rough ground and inshore wrecks. This is brilliant fun when the fish are having it, and Martin is brilliant at this.
Blondes, bream, porbeagles, squid, turbot, everything else 27 Sep, 2021 from 07:20 AM to 04:20 PM Weymouth,
You may think I am overpromising on this trip, but experience has shown that if I am, it is only marginally.
Bass, bream and rays 11 Oct, 2021 from 07:20 AM to 04:20 PM Littlehampton,
This trip could feature pretty much any species, from rough ground or sand banks off Littlehampton. The marks are close by and the fishing is excellent. Get in there!
Wrecking for big conger and bream 25 Oct, 2021 from 07:25 AM to 04:25 PM Brighton,
This is our second dedicated wrecking trip at anchor. Come and get your hands on a big eel or a massive bream
Bass and rays 01 Nov, 2021 from 07:30 AM to 04:30 PM Littlehampton,
As the water gets colder, the bass only get hungrier and bigger! The same goes for the rays. This could be a belter.
Wrasse trip! 29 Nov, 2021 from 07:35 AM to 04:35 PM Weymouth,
We're going for gold, fishing for potential record breaking wrasse off Portland Bill. A couple years ago, Stevie's seven-pounder won him a tackle prize in the Weymouth Angling Centre's Specimen Competition. One of the best and most exciting trips of the year with hundreds of wrasse, and thousands, yes, actual thousands of them on a good trip. We usually round off the day fishing for squid close inshore.

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