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Breaming on the Kingmere, attempt 2 01 Jun, 2023 from 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM Littlehampton,
After our late May trip was cancelled, this is the replacement, with a host of reef bream on offer, the possibility of some bass along the way and smoothhounds for variety. Who could say no to that?
Tope or bream 12 Jun, 2023 from 07:55 AM to 04:55 PM Littlehampton,
This is a great tide for tope fishing, so if it's flat enough we'll go and anchor some nice top marks, otherwise we'll be sitting on plenty of shallow water breaming in any case.
Bass or rough ground species 03 Jul, 2023 from 08:05 AM to 05:05 PM Littlehampton,
We'll either be bassing over the sandbanks with lures or, if the water's too murky, we'll anchor rough ground for bream, undulates, huss, conger and all the other good things.
Weymouth summer trip from 14 Jul, 2023 08:05 AM to 15 Jul, 2023 11:05 PM Weymouth,
All the usual fun and mischief, featuring star turns from bream, bass, rays, weevers, wrasse, tope, conger eels, Andy Selby and Shalim's Balti House.
More bass or rough ground species 07 Aug, 2023 from 08:10 AM to 05:10 PM Littlehampton,
If the water is clear enough and the bass are feeding, we'll be fishing for them with lures, but if it isn't or they aren't we'll fish for rays and bream and all the rest at anchor.
Rays and bream 25 Aug, 2023 from 08:10 AM to 05:10 PM Weymouth,
Late summer an autumn is the best time for Weymouth, and on this trip, we'll be targeting the plentiful bream and other rough ground species, along with some big blonde rays.
Sandbank bassing 04 Sep, 2023 from 08:15 AM to 05:15 PM Littlehampton,
This is a big-ish tide so the bas should be feeding hard over the sandbanks. We'll be drifting with lures to check whether they are. No snags and lots of bass... what more could you possibly want?
Bream and bass 02 Oct, 2023 from 08:15 AM to 05:15 PM Weymouth,
This is a good tide to combine breaming over the rough ground, with some bassing on the ledges or in the race. It could be a cracker.
Wrecking for bass 23 Oct, 2023 from 08:20 AM to 05:20 PM Littlehampton,
On small tides, Martin heads for offshore wrecks in fairly deep water, where there are some big bass waiting. Our new club record of 11lb came on this trip last year. All you need is a spinning rod and some big rubber lures.
Drifting sandbanks for bass 13 Nov, 2023 from 08:20 AM to 05:20 PM Littlehampton,
Back on a big tide, we'll be targeting the big autumn bass with lure on the drift. Really exciting fishing.
Weymouth wrasse trip 27 Nov, 2023 from 08:25 AM to 05:25 PM Weymouth,
One of the best trips of the year - fishing at anchor with hardback crabs in shallow water for ballan wrasse - and they really can scrap. Our record - an almost eight pound monster - came on this trip. Is this the year we break the British record?
Bass on wrecks, or spurdogs 18 Dec, 2023 from 08:25 AM to 05:25 PM Littlehampton,
If the water is clear, we'll be drifting offshore wrecks for gargantuan bass. If it's all cloudy and murky, the spurdogs will be inshore in numbers and feeding hard.

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