Bonus trip "decks awash with pollack"

A hastily arranged trip our of Newhaven produced a bumper catch of spring pollack for our brave boys

In the middle of a windy spell, a brief respite was all it took to cobble together a rag tag bunch of wannabe anglers (obviously not including Ben or Adam). The trip was supposed to be after the big cod which were infesting the Sub and surrounding areas in such large numbers, but it was windier than predicted, so Dave pointed the boat South instead of South East.

This is the time of year when pollack come to play in numbers, and sure enough the wreck chosen was heaving with them. While most were small, with many 2-3 pounders and a lot of 8 pound fish, there were enough bigger ones to mid double figures to keep everyone interested. Nick Coster top scored with 17 fish, which just goes to show how dumb pollack really are -  although they are apparently smart enough to spot Jonathan's 50lb line and short trace, which resulted in him only picking up a couple of fish. Two Dogs felt he did badly with just nine fish! Overall more than 70 were caught, so yet again it proved another great early trip. Rhubarb & Custard Sidewinders were the top lure, thus proving the pollack's allegiance to the MCC!

Let's hope the weather picks up soon so we can get out again.

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