Wrecked trio blitz bass and ballans

After late withdrawals had reduced the crew to three, Clive, Stevie and Ben have an amazing day in Weymouth.

Wrecked trio blitz bass and ballans

Ben poses with our new club record of 6lb 10oz

The trip started badly with five, that's FIVE, withdrawals leaving, less of a skeleton crew, and more of a fragment of tibia and a tiny scrap of femur. Luckily Stevie, Clive and Ben were joined by John, a more or less random stranger, who hangs around the Weymouth quayside with a wallet stuffed with twenties on the off chance a crew will let him join.

So the four of us set out after ballan wrasse. And what a trip we had, with over 40 ballan wrasse, topped by a magnificent record breaking 6lb 10oz fish, taken by Ben Eveling, while his reel was in bits on the floor of the boat. But that's not all.

After we ran out of crabs, having had so many bites, we went after a few bass in the race, and scored there too. We ended with probably 30 bass, of which half were returned, topped by Clive Hodges' record equaling fish (his own record too) of 8lb 12oz, followed shortly thereafter by Steve Newham's magnificent new record mark of 9lb 8oz.

What fish and what a day. Thanks to Richard, our skipper, who did brilliantly as usual, and this time had the manners not to outfish us all day. For full details on this and other, earlier trips, see the forthcoming newsletter.

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