Come fishing Phil!

We, the undersigned, believe that Philip Pepper should be allowed to come fishing in Weymouth on Saturday the 30th of July 2011

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A total of 57 people added their names.

  1. Ben Eveling, Amesbury, UK
  2. charlie beddard
  3. tom fowler, if he doesn't then he's a woos
  4. Adam Frost. Lewes, Sussex.
  5. Amanda Deadman, Lewes, UK
  6. Russell Henley, Hampshire Avon just north ofSalisbury
  7. sophy buckley
  8. Jonathan Barrett, fishing's not for cissies
  9. Darrell Kingsley, Dry Land, UK
  10. Richard Taylor
  11. Stevie says it's a basic human right (and good for relationships too)
  12. Amy Winehouse, go fishing, you never know what could happen tomorrow!
  13. Kate Holt
  14. Tony Holt (Kate said I can go!)
  15. brooksie. please come fishin phil dont want to suffer the abuse by myself
  16. Billy the Big Sea Bass (gagging for it!)
  17. Weymouth Tourist Office; plenty of room for a littl 'un.
  18. Bournmouth Tourist Office; plenty of room here too, but much posher than W.....
  19. Weymouth; how typical of Bournmouth, the loud mouthed jumped up bastards!
  20. Bournmout; oooooogh! Temper temper.
  21. This is not a chat room. At least pretend to be people. Adam Davies
  22. Rasputin, you called?
  23. Beef, I came 8000 miles just to see you in action
  24. A. Pouting I was looking forward to meeting you.
  25. Chris - Tom can come inside you Phil!
  26. The Biggest Turbot Ever (Never Caught)- Phew - I'm not signing this!
  27. Scoop - will that leave Mrs Pepper at a loose end?
  28. Clive - he's got to fish as he is one of the few members who can catch Congers and not use crap leaders!
  29. The Cliffe!
  30. The Queen - Buck Palace - Get your arse out there boy
  31. Crazyplums. Sussex massive.
  32. Mr B Ellend, Kent.
  33. Mike Oxlong AKA Femfresh
  34. Pants
  35. lighty..MC.BF. just go!
  36. Malvern
  37. Mr W Anker. Stafford.
  38. Mr T Wat Stafford
  39. Colonel Gadaffi. Can't say where, they're after me you know.
  40. STEWART MANN Tyne and Wear
  41. Hugh Janus Crinkly Bottom
  42. Boris. (The phantom Hedgehog Skinner.)
  43. Pat Bailey......Landlocked.
  44. Paul Tooth...... Painter and Decorator to the Stars.
  45. "Bread" - It's not the same without Philip Pepper !!
  46. bens1247
  47. Lord Lucan (40 years and still running)
  48. Baby Pepper
  49. Cpt jack sparrow Taunton somerset
  50. Katie Price, on my back, legs in the air
  51. vespaman tootling around aberdeen
  52. Hall street garage, for all your motoring needs. MOTs only £29.99. I'm almost giving them away.
  53. your going to cut your balls off........
  54. Peter Piper, Kent.
  55. Marcus Dyne
  56. Peter Sutcliffe, Broadmoore,
  57. Charlie Bessell From Hayes

A total of 57 people added their names.

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