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  • Now that's a proper end to the season
    18 March 2011

    Mid-march means pollack, cod and bass if you're lucky. Unless you're stuck on land, then it means you'd better get some river fishing in before the end of the coarse season.

  • I thought about fishing today...
    3 February 2011

    It's windy, very windy

  • Well, well, bloody hell.
    10 November 2010

    What is this? It looks suspiciously like a new web site. Well that's a turn-up for the hooks. Oh god. No more appalling puns, I promise.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I thought about fishing today...

It's windy, very windy

Even though the wind is lashing the trees and doing its best to whip up 6 foot waves on the hatch pool of our little river, I still found myself dreaming of cod. Big cod. I want a 20 almost more than I want a double figure turbot. Well, maybe not quite that much, but a lot anyway.

Dave says they're out there, on the sub, waiting. "Lots of them, and big," he said. And we have a trip booked for Monday. Only there's a force 7-8 South Westerly out there now, and it's going to blow all weekend, and then on Monday it'll settle down to a gentle 6 with a swell that might make even Colin in his RIB think twice.

On Tuesday, of course, the forecast says it'll die away to nothing, but Tuesday is too LATE. Too bloody late. I want those cod, and I want a 20. Please let's have a date the following week, Dave.


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