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Events which have already happened.
Weymouth summer trip from 30 Jul, 2021 07:05 AM to 31 Jul, 2021 06:05 PM Weymouth,
The return of the summer trip! Two days fishing and three nights sipping ales very slowly and reminiscing about how we use to get pissed. Still the best fun you can have with your fishing gear on. Bass, bream, rays, turbot, tope, conger, huss and much, much more!
Turbot and brill 23 Jul, 2021 from 07:50 AM to 04:50 PM Brighton,
Off we go for the banks far, far away, there to fill our boots with delicious turbot and brill, and maybe bag a really big one...
Bream, bass and rays 12 Jul, 2021 from 07:45 AM to 04:45 PM Littlehampton,
With so much fishing to choose from out of Littlehampton, it's hard to say what will be most fun. All of it, I expect.
Turbot and brill and bass 25 Jun, 2021 from 07:40 AM to 04:40 PM Brighton,
Terry's going to take us on an early season flatfish expedition and throw in some wreck bassing for good measure! What's not to love?
Bream and rays, either/and/or 07 Jun, 2021 from 08:35 AM to 04:35 PM Littlehampton,
We'll probably be breaming, targeting the fat black bream on the Kingmere, but we may spend some, or all of our time on the rays on the banks instead. Who knows?
Breaming of you [CANCELLED] 10 May, 2021 from 06:35 AM to 04:35 PM Littlehampton,
Ah, to be on the Kingmere Reef in spring when the bream are running wild and free. Oh wait, we will be (weather permitting).
Blondes, spurs, turbot, plaice [CANCELLED] 23 Apr, 2021 from 06:30 AM to 04:30 PM Weymouth,
This is likely to be a blonde rays and spurdogs trip, like the brilliant one we had a couple of years ago, but we may also have a drift or two for turbot and/or the fat plaice.
Early bream or late pollack [CANCELLED] 05 Apr, 2021 from 06:25 AM to 04:25 PM Littlehampton,
Either way this trip promises to be an absolute belter.
Hit me baby, with one more pollack trip [CANCELLED] 26 Mar, 2021 from 06:25 AM to 04:25 PM Weymouth,
Our last chance to get among the hard-fighting pollack out of Weymouth with Lyle. Give me some of that!
Pollack, but this time it's Terry [CANCELLED] 15 Mar, 2021 from 06:20 AM to 04:20 PM Brighton,
Out first pollacking trip with Terry out of Brighton. Strap in, it should be a good one...
Pollack, pollack everywhere... [CANCELLED] 08 Mar, 2021 from 06:20 AM to 04:20 PM Littlehampton,
The season is in full swing and the fish have hardly been touched for a year. Here we go!
Pollack galore! [CANCELLED] 22 Feb, 2021 from 06:15 AM to 04:15 PM Littlehampton,
By now the pollack should be showing in good numbers over the wrecks. Let me at them!
Early pollack [CANCELLED] 12 Feb, 2021 from 06:10 AM to 04:10 PM Weymouth,
Another chance to get among the early pollack, this time with Lyle.
Very early pollack [CANCELLED] 25 Jan, 2021 from 06:10 AM to 04:10 PM Littlehampton,
This could be excellent if we get out. The pollack will be fresh in and really, really fat.
Naughty wrasscals, mark III [CANCELLED] 08 Jan, 2021 from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM Weymouth,
The re-re-arranged trip with Lyle, fishing for those monster Portland ballans
Wrasstling, mark II [CANCELLED] 22 Dec, 2020 from 08:00 AM to 04:30 PM Weymouth,
The re-arranged wrasse trip from the last lockdown - and our first with Lyle!
Cod, whiting, rays, huss, bream and bass 07 Dec, 2020 from 08:00 AM to 04:55 PM Littlehampton,
This day could bring anything, from a rare (these days) cod, to a monster bass, with anything in between. I can't wait!
Wrasse wrangling! [CANCELLED] 23 Nov, 2020 from 08:00 AM to 04:30 PM Weymouth,
Possibly our most popular trip of the year, with billions of big ballans pretty much guaranteed, plus the chance of bass and squid. come and play with the velvet swimming crabs on Supanova with Lyle.
Rays, huss, conger, bream and bass [CANCELLED] 26 Oct, 2020 from 08:00 AM to 04:50 PM Brighton,
This time it's Terry's turn to show us what you can catch fishing inshore marks, at the best time of year for most species. It's going to be a cracking day.
Rough ground, huss conger and bream [CANCELLED] 05 Oct, 2020 from 08:00 AM to 04:50 PM Littlehampton,
One of those lovely days anchored over rough ground, catching your pick of all kinds of species, large and small.

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