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Saturday, 7 May 2011

30th April - Poole

Light line Breaming

I was out with the dark side (Armfield and Ringwood SFC on Saturday.

We fish from Poole with a lovely skipper called Phil. It's dead easy for me only being 20 minutes away and a lot cheaper than Weymouth as the parking is only a couple of quid and as most of the fishing is in shore only costs £40.

The weather forecast was not so good - up to force 7 but as it was Easterly, Phil knew a couple of inshore spots that should throw up a few fish.

This is really relaxing angling as the kettle is always on and there is a bacon or sausage roll ready to greet the hungry anglers. There's even lunch of chilli con carne or a burger provided!

To the fishing - the first spot provided little reward for many, but I had a few small bream up to about 2lb on squid baited mini shrimps.

The second spot was a different story, with those anglers willing to fish small hooks and light leads catching a good few bream up to about 2.5lb. Also mixed in were a few small pollack to about 4lbs.

I had about 25 bream in the end. 7 of which came back with me to stock the sadly depleted freezer. And the wind dropped and the sea was not to lumpy so all in all a good day.


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