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Saturday, 7 May 2011


Expensive but I'm worth it....

Had a call out of the blue from my mate Arran who is currently attempting to repopulate Scandinavia and living in Oslo. He was making a flying visit to the country to unfortunately attend his gran's funeral.

I have some good, if a little hazy memories of his gran, as when Arran and I were at skool and before we could drive, we used to catch the train to Aldershot from Pyrford and fish Willow Park Lakes (before the A331 cut it in half and it was stuffed full of F1s!). We used to lash our rods to our bikes and pedal to West Byfleet station, and via a couple of changes, find our way to Ash Vale station. From here it was a free wheel down the hill to Arran's grandparents and then a lift over to the fishing. We had some great times catching carp off the top on bits of bread and getting in to various scrapes when fishing the local park lake!


Anyway because everything in Norway is soooo expensive (last time I was out there doing a bit of fishing we stopped off for a bit of food in garage, a sandwich, drink and packet of crisps = £16...) Arran fancied a bash at Avington.

For those of you who don't know Avington is the self proclaimed premier stalking water so what you want is a nice warm sunny day to make the most of the crystal clear water. What we got was a force 6 wet cold early April special. In fact with hind sight I think it was the only day it rained in April!

On the plus side the 4 other anglers that had booked in decided that the weather was just too bad so we had it to ourselves. To summarise the fishing if you put on a gold head damsel and let it sink you'd catch a fish every other chuck, but if you wanted the bigger fish you had to spend a lot of time looking and then making very few casts...

In the end I spotted a few fish close to doubles, and caught a couple of nine pounders, and Arran decided that a better option was to remove most of his hook and fish for takes. I suspect he had about 15 fish involved in various "Long line releases"....

A good day but a bit artificial in my opinion.....




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