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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fishing with Alfred...

8th May 2011 - A trip down memory lane...


The whole Fowler family decided to take advantage of the pleasant weather and take a trip to a very quiet part of Wiltshire. Mum and Dad were on a weeks holiday with my sister and her family so we decided to pop up to join them.

We all met in a field that can only be classed as quintessential England. Gloriously green in the first flushes of Spring. Cows in the field and a tiny over grown stream meandering through a tree-lined bank. It looked as though nothing had changed for centuries.

In fact, Dad knows that nothing has changed in this valley for 50 years as that is how long he has been coming to this forgotten corner of England. It also has lots of great memories for me as I caught my first trout here over thirty years ago!

Dad makes a pilgrimage here every year, and every year is pleasantly suprised that the wild trout population still seems to be surviving the onslaught of the modern world. Over the years we have seen the rivers population dynamics change from periods of few, but larger fish - up to 2lbs from a river you can jump across in many places, to what appears to be a very healthy population of smaller fish at the moment.

After a picnic on the banks we set about fishing and soon got into the small trout...

Alfred couldn't contain his excitement as you will see from the photo!




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