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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Weymouth Flatfish Competition


My mobile rang, I looked and saw it was Ben. I thought I'd not given him my new number. I tried to ignore it, but he's a persistant bugger, so on about the 5th call and 3rd message, I thought I'd better give him a call back.

I'm sure you've all been on the end of a Ben call. Normally you need to set aside about an hour so that he can tell you in excruciating detail the minutia of the latest riverine event on the Eveling Estate, but this time he was straight to the point:

"Tom. What are you doing on Friday?"


"Well the flatfish are literally crawling up the rods down at Weymouth and it's your lucky day as we have a space on the boat!"


"Oh go on. Really they are having it. All the boats are getting dozens of fat plaice to 5lbs on the mussel beds. The boats on the Shambles are catching turbot and brill every drift. It's amazing!"


"But it's the best fishing they've ever experienced in Weymouth! They're needing assistants to land the catches. People are putting back plaice under 4lbs and Turbot under 10 as they can't carry them all!"


This went on for some time until eventually as Ben's desperation grew I seriously worried for his health so had to say yes.

The Fishing:

We arrived. Got on Bonwey. Steamed for 6 hours. Fished the mussel beds for 15minutes. Caught nothing. Steamed for 4 hours. Joined the other 40 boats drifting the Shambles. Caught a turbot that was so small I had to check if it's eyes had moved round. Steamed back to Weymouth for 10 hours.

Ben the answer is NO.


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