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Monday, 20 June 2011

Your not going to believe this, but more sea fishing!!!


I love smoothhound fishing.

But I hate weed.

Normally the two go hand in hand when you fish off the southern beaches but for once last week everything came together and I managed to keep a bait in the water long enough to catch a couple from the beach.

I generally fish from the beach near to my dad. My results are generally fairly dissappointing as I always seem to coincide my visits with heavy weed or the wrong sort of tide. Last week however the fishing gods smiled and I turned up in perfect conditions. A nice mid spring tide with high around 2300 found me on the beach with a bucket of crabs I'd caught with Alfred earlier in the day.

The first of these was attached to a pulley rig with 60lb snood and chucked out on  my stepped up carp gear (4lb TC rods). Normally you know pretty quickly if fishing is going to be possible as the rod tip quickly takes on a slow nodding action which means you know you're going to spend the next 40mins cleaning the weed off the line!

This evening was different and no annoying wind arrived and after about half an hour a typical smoothy rod wrench occurred (like a barbel bite on steroids). I struck and was hooked into a steam train. This fish pulled line from the spool at will ( even with about a hundreds of braid out.) Unfortunately after a few minutes the hook pulled and I just had to wind in the lead and a ball of weed.

Out went another hardback and shortly before dark, I was in again this time the fish taking line on the bite, and stripping another 20 yards before stopping. After a good fight a heavy fish was swirling around in the surf and with the right wave I dragged him up the beach. At 11lb 12oz it was my first shore caught double so I was well pleased.

As the tide progressed so did the weed and eventually after only being able to keep the lead in the water for 5minutes before being fully weeded I gave up and went home.

After this sucess I thought I must sneak out the next night for a short session. This time the hounds were more obliging and I caught one on the first cast. No more followed as the weed picked really quickly and made fishing impossible...

Off to Selsey for the next set of tides in July!!!


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